February 23, 2016

Self Assessment and Partnership Returns

If you are self employed or own a share in a partnership then you’ll need to file returns to HMRC. At McManus Hall, we’ll prepare your tax return based on the information you give us and ensure it is filed on time, avoiding any unnecessary fines.

Self Employment Taxation

If you are self employed McManus Hall can help you every step of the way. We’ll prepare tax computations from your records and advise what other expenses and allowances you may include.

It is our business to minimise your tax liabilities.

Partnership Taxation

Partnerships can become a complicated area of taxation and at McManus Hall we are well placed to ensure that all partnership taxation matters are covered.

We can prepare partnership accounts and associated tax computations based on your records. We will
then produce the partnership tax return as well as individual tax returns for partner members.

We’ll also provide advice succession planning and how best to deal with any issues that may arise from being in partnership.